Casella di testo: A chimney pot for every demand

Head of dark

  The chimney pot Edilsanto is composed from three elements in cls and from a cover of coverage.

So composed it guarantees the requisite of the normative ones of aspirator static umbrella and antiwind.

Every element of the chimney pot Edilsanto is endowed with drips so that to also interrupt the drops of rain in case of strong wind.

The chimney pots Edilsantos are in combining among them to cover every external measure of flue

In case he/she introduced him the necessity to effect some combinings it recommends him to seal with the mortar the space among the two elements realizing a channel of inclination toward the outside for the disposal of the water.

All the chimney pots Edilsantos are available in the colors: grey, red, black, head of dark and back.

The draught of the chimney pot Edilsanto is also guaranteed under the more adverse atmospheric conditions

The chimney pots Edilsanto climbed on in battery

With wind ascendende

With wind in descent

In absence of wind

With side wind





Head of dark


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